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LOF Hotel Shimbashi is located in the intersection of Ginza, Shimbashi and Toranomon. A vibrant district teeming with izakaya, bars, and restaurants—popular after-hours hangouts for Tokyoites. Join the salary men and sample some chicken yakitori or karaage (fried chicken) or splurge on a gourmet meal without breaking the bank. Work or shop to your heart’s content, then come back and chill with the locals or gaze at Tokyo Tower from the comfort of your room.

Make The Most Of Your Stay

We encourage our guests to explore our neighbourhood, soak in the atmosphere of a place that’s new but at the same time feels familiar. We want you to feel the vibes of the city and we are ready to recommend several ways to do so.

Excellent location near Tokyo Tower, Zozoji Temple, and Toranomon Hills. Staff is open and hospitable and the rooms are stylish and clean.
- Anthony Griffin
It's just made, so it's very beautiful.The location is a little far from Shimbashi station, but it is relatively close to the subway station
Akihiro Yamauchi
s quiet and nice, and the employees were especially comfortable with the elderly. I would like to make a reservation when I come next time
I've never stayed at such a nice cospa hotel in my life. The room is quite large and there is no complaint about the service. It's hard to compare with other Japanese hotels
Lucas G


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