June 29, 2022

Live Like A local

LOF HOTEL Shimbashi exists at the crossroads of traditional and contemporary Japan. Our mission is simple: We create an experience that empowers our guests to live like locals. Each member of our team is prepared to be your personal concierge, ready to provide the information you need to make the most of your stay in Tokyo.

Where the Past and Present Flow as One

In Shimbashi, Shinshodoh, a family-owned confectionery shop with more than a century of history, coexists with the contemporary shopping and dining experiences of Toranomon Hills Mori Tower, Tokyo’s tallest ultra-modern skyscraper. 
Just to the south of LOF HOTEL Shimbashi, you’ll find the Zojoji, a grand, Buddhist temple with a rich history dating back to the 14th century. Look behind Zojoji, and you can’t miss the iconic Tokyo Tower—the perfect place to take in a panoramic view of the city.
In our neighborhood, Tokyo’s rich history and traditions are woven with exciting contemporary attractions, all available for you to enjoy, just as the locals would.

At a Crossroads for Locals and Travelers Alike

Shimbashi, one of Tokyo’s primary business and entertainment districts, is where the locals come to live, work, and play. Get a true sense of Tokyo’s energy by spending an evening among the locals at one of Shimbashi’s countless restaurants, cafes, bars, and traditional izakaya. There’s something for everyone in Shimbashi. Explore the district’s vibrant, bustling back alleys and you’re bound to discover a culinary experience that caters to your tastes. Whether you are seeking the finest examples of traditional Japanese cuisine or a local twist on your favorite international dish, Shimbashi has it all. 
If you need a break from exploring the city, simply grab some takeout and chill with complimentary Costa Coffee in our 12th-floor Livin’ Room. In this spacious, cozy lounge you can relax and swap stories with local travelers. If the timing’s right, you may even be able to get involved with a local mixer or networking event. At LOF HOTEL Shimbashi, the possibilities are endless.
If you love to shop, LOF HOTEL Shimbashi is a quick stroll away from the famous Ginza shopping district. Home to flagship stores for your favorite brands, whether you prefer UNIQLO or Louis Vuitton, you’ll find what you love in Ginza.