June 29, 2022

Explore the Neighborhood Your Way

With Simmons beds in every room, our cozy Livin’ Room lounge, and an inviting contemporary atmosphere, it can be tempting to spend all of your time at our hotel. However, we encourage our guests to explore our neighborhood, soaking in the atmosphere of a place that’s new but at the same time feels familiar. We want you to feel the vibes of the city and are ready to recommend several ways to do so.

Dine Among the Locals

The best way to live like a local is to eat among those who live, work, and play in Shimbashi. Instead of offering meals, we encourage our guests to enjoy the ample dining options that surround the hotel. Whether you’re looking for a gourmet experience or a quick yakitori break, you’ll find plenty of delectable delights nearby. Of course, if you would prefer some peace and quiet, you’re welcome to enjoy takeout or a bento-box meal in our Livin’ Room lounge, complete with complimentary Costa Coffee.

Explore the Neighborhood Your Way

LOF HOTEL Shimbashi is located just off of General MacArthur Road, one of Tokyo’s main thoroughfares. The completion of this massive development project, along with Toranomon Hills, ushered in a new wave of trendy restaurants, cafes, and shops for you to explore. Whether you prefer to stroll along the streets or cycle between destinations via dedicated bike lanes, plenty of exciting experiences and fascinating attractions await. Here are just a few highlights that are easy to access from LOF HOTEL Shimbashi.
Shinshodoh (280 m): This historic, 108-year old wagashi (traditional sweets) shop has been run by the same family for three generations. Famous for monaka, sweets made from red-bean paste, Shinshodoh is located on historic grounds and sells themed confections based on events that occurred there during the 18th century.
Atago Shrine (500 m): If you’re up for a challenge, why not tackle the “Stone Steps to Success” at the nearby Atago Shrine. You’ll need to ascend these 86 steps to reach the shrine at the summit of Atago Hill. Like much of the area, this verdant mound is also steeped in history. Tokugawa Ieyasu, the founder of Japan’s last and longest-running shogunate (military government), commissioned the shrine in 1603 to ward off fires and natural disasters.
Toranomon Hills (500 m): A self-contained city within a city, Toranomon Hills is an “international city center” and the epitome of modern Tokyo. The property is dotted with greenspaces and public art displays, perfect for a leisurely break from big city life. And, when it’s time to dine, Toranomon Yokocho is home to an eclectic selection of intimate dining experiences to choose from, all in an atmosphere that blends tradition with modernity.  
Mizuno Some Kojo | Hibiya Okuroji Shop (1 km): Experience the rich history of aizome (indigo dyeing) by actually participating in the crafting process. Founded in 1907, the nationally renowned, Hokkaido-based Mizuno Some Kojo (Mizuno Dyeing Factory) operates a Tokyo boutique where guests can try their hand at creating their own indigo-dyed clothing. Of course, if you’d rather leave fashion design to the professionals, the store stocks plenty of pre-dyed apparel, including everything from tenugui towels to polo shirts and hoodies.
Shiba Park (1 km): A mere 12-minute walk to the south of LOF HOTEL Shimbashi will reveal the sprawling greenery of Shiba Park. Former shogunate land, it was officially designated as a public park in 1873, making it one of the oldest public parks in the country. These days, it’s the perfect place for a serene stroll or a picnic lunch, complete with stunning views of nearby Zojoji (temple) and Tokyo Tower.
Kabukiza Theatre (1.8 km):  With a history dating back 400 years, Kabuki is one of Japan’s greatest, and most traditional, performance arts. Enjoy an unforgettable kabuki show at Tokyo’s most famous venue, the Kabukiza Theatre, conveniently located in the nearby Ginza shopping district.